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Jerven Bag Primaloft Hunter 60g Lifestlye Image Man on snowy mountan - Wild & Moor

Jerven bags are the ultimate survival shelters for all weather conditions

Jerven survival bags are NATO certified and trusted by the Norwegian military for their ability to retain heat, withstand harsh weather conditions and keep the user camouflaged and sheltered from the elements.

Used by militaries, explorers, wildlife observers, surveillance professionals and people who love outdoor adventures, Jerven bags are the ultimate multi-purpose survival tools. Available in mountain, woodland and snow camouflage, as well as orange, the bags are waterproof and insulated with a heat-reflective lining to lock-in warmth.

With zips to three sides and zipped armholes, a Jerven bag can be used as a sleeping bag, concealed bivy shelter, hooded poncho and even a two-person tent (with the addition of tent ends). Jerven dog bags and optional insulation are available, to keep your furry companion warm and dry during adventures.

Jerven bag features

  • Three models available: Original (lightweight) and the insulated models; Hunter and Extreme
  • Wear it as a waterproof poncho, sleeping bag, camouflage hide; or as a shelter (see image), bivy bag or tent (with the optional Jerven tent ends)
  • Available in three types of camouflage: mountain, woodland and snow – so you can blend into most natural environments. Survival orange is also available.
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Heat-reflective inner liner to retain heat
  • Eyelets for attachment points
  • Zipped arm holes - for use as a poncho, with the supplied arm covers
  • Efficient Primaloft insulation (Hunter and Extreme models)
  • NATO certified
  • Supplied with waterproof arm covers (with the camouflage print to match the Jerven bag), belt (so you can wear the bag as a poncho) and a rescue flag
  • 10-year warranty

Fellman Dave tests the Jerven Bag Original

Ex-military outdoorsman, Fellman Dave, tests outdoor equipment and really puts the gear through its paces.

"It's never going to be leaving my backpack.
No matter which time of year!"

Fellman Dave

Ex-forces Adventurer

Choose your Jerven survival bag

  • The Original

    Developed in the 1980's, the Jerven Original survival bag is compact and lightweight - so can be stashed into a backpack and taken out for emergency use, or used as part of your bushcraft, wild camping, wildlife observation or covert surveillance kit for all-weather protection. A tough outer is coupled with an efficient heat-reflective liner to create it's own micro climate.

  • The Hunter

    The Jerven Hunter is a waterproof and windproof survival bag, packed with 60g/m2 of highly efficient Primaloft insulation - offering more thermal protection than the Original bag. It has been designed for military use in tough and challenging environments. Perfect for colder climates throughout the world and ideal for covert surveillance or wildlife observation/ birding.

  • The Extreme

    The Jerven Extreme is the ultimate survival bag, which has been insulated for extreme cold weather expeditions or wild camping in subzero climates. With a fill of 170g/m2 of Primaloft insulation and a highly heat-reflective liner, it's designed to keep you warm, dry and protected from freezing winds. Ideal for a range of activities and adventures, from trekking across icy terrains to hunkering down to spot wildlife or surveillance work.

Jerven Lair - the survival bag for dogs

If your furry companion joins you on treks or wild camping trips, perhaps consider buying them the Jerven Lair - especially if you're going to experience wet and/or cold weather. The Lair is available in Medium and Large - with either a mountain camo print or rescue orange.

The Lair has the same properties as the Original; so it's waterproof, windproof, camouflaged and effectively retains and reflects heat back onto the body. Instead of zips, the Lair uses a quick draw-cord for closing the bag around your dog, to either fully protect them or protect their body while leaving the head exposed.

Need more warmth?

For colder (and even subzero temperatures), an insulating layer can be added to the dog Lair, which is made from 60g/m2 of efficient and lightweight Primaloft material. Buying the insulating layer gives you the ultimate versatility for year-round adventures with your furry friend.

The Jerven bags can be lifesavers, especially if you become stranded or have a tent failure in adverse weather conditions.

Accessories from Jerven

  • Tent Ends

    Transform your ultra-versatile Jerven survival bag into a two-man tent with the addition of these tent ends!

    Available with a mountain camo or woodland camo print, these tent ends zip into either the Original or Hunter bags and just require two walking poles (or sticks) to push into the eyelets to create the roof pitch.

  • Repair Kits

    If you own, or are thinking about buying, a Jerven bag then it might be a good idea to get a repair kit - just in case something happens and you need to fix a tear. The material of the bags are tough, but accidents can happen. The patches are 13x22cm and available in mountain camo, woodland camo and orange.

  • Lair (dog bag) Insulation

    If you're expecting colder temperatures during an outdoor adventure with your dog, perhaps consider the Lair insulating liner, which adds 60g/m2 of highly efficient and lightweight Primaloft insulation to your dog bag. This allows your pet to retain body heat and energy, while giving them a comfortable place to rest, away from the wind and rain. The insulating layer fits neatly into the Jervan Lair. Available in Medium or Large.

"Jerven bag Original. Excellent piece of kit... just what I need when acting as a 'body' for Mountain Rescue Search Dogs training"